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Ready to start a new career as a Body Sculpting expert?

1on1 Body Sculpting Workshop Class (Fundamentals) | Miami,FL

https://pnxbody.comAre you interested in starting a body sculpting business? Or do you want to learn body sculpting for your personal needs?

Well, come and experience the art of body sculpting with us! PNX Body will be hosting 1 on 1 body contouring classes to facilitate interested individuals in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and South Florida. Students will receive hands-on training to become experts in Ultrasound Cavitation, RF Skin Tightening, Wood Therapy, and Vacuum and a valid certificate as proof of completion after the duration of classes.

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What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting also called body contouring is an exclusive massaging treatment. It is used to remove fat cells and toxins from different areas of the body. The procedure is non-surgical and excludes the need for needles and anesthesia. Think of it as a nice relaxing warm massage that contours the body using cooling, ultrasound or heat body sculpting treatments. This helps to excrete fluids and toxins in specific areas like the hips, waist, buttock and abdomen.

Is Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Effective?

Yes! Body sculpting is effective! It matters not the age, fitness level or gender of an individual, body sculpting is an undeniably worthwhile treatment to help maintain a healthy weight. It has proven to produce some lasting results with no form of surgery required.
PNX’s body contouring classes will help you learn how to prove the effectiveness of non-surgical body sculpting to thousands of interested persons. Our treatments have been scientifically proven to work with a 100% satisfaction rate. Each client’s body is different and the techniques you will be taught are created to help you produce admirable results.

Body contouring class miami fl

Body sculpting class miami fl


Our Body Sculpting Training Class will allow you to start up your own body sculpting business and get going as soon as you have successfully completed the 1on1 training course, which enables you to become certified and knowledgeable in body sculpting/body contouring treatments.


Expected Results from Body Sculpting Classes and Practice:

1. Fat Loss

The different body sculpting techniques from classes will allow students to be proficient in targeting and eliminating fat cells. Once those cells are removed, they will be gone forever. You’ll be better able to help clients create the figure they’re looking for with only a few sessions.

2. Tightening of the Skin

Our body sculpting classes will display the proper methods for treating loose skin. This may be as a result of postpartum, an exercise weight loss journey, or outcomes of natural aging. The non-surgical practices will stimulate collagen production to aid in anti-aging. Exposure to heat treatment will allow you to trigger clients’ natural healing process to get that collagen boost for desired results.

3. Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is nothing to be ashamed of but for clients who prefer to get rid of it, our classes will show you how to target these tricky dimples, lumps, or bulges. After practice, you’ll be able to create a more defined look to create an even texture of the skin.

Our 1on1 Body Sculpting Class covers:

  1. Indications for Body Sculpting
  2. The Lymphatic System
  3. Non-Candidate Indications
  4. Proper Analysis of Medical History and Consent Forms
  5. Pre- and Post-Op Instructions
  6. Live Model (Demo/ Hands On)
  7. Clients Consultation and Body Assessment
  8. Body Measurements
  9. Before and After
  10. Developing a Client Chart
  11. Sanitation Protocol
  12. Body Sculpting Modalities for ( Ultrasonic Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Vacuum Therapy, Radio Frequency Facial, Wood Therapy, Buttock Enhancement, Body Wrap,Laser Lipo)
  13. Marketing, Business, Branding, and Client Management.



Our class is the 1st step and an investment in your new future. If Body Sculpting is your passion, this is your chance to learn from one of the best. A nonrefundable deposit is required to book classes. The remaining balance will be collected on the day of the class.

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